Christmas Time

Santa Claus and Elves

We have a very special Santa who delights and entertains children of all ages. Dressed in a magnificent custom-made costume , he makes a fantastic entrance by magically producing snow from a 5-foot candy cane! He can even perform a comical musical routine using volunteers (real or suggested) from your group. This is not your average Santa. Great for every kind of event, for kids, for grown-ups, or both.

We have fantastically costumed elves who lead 3 types of activities:

  • Polaroid photos (all supplies included) of each child with Santa and present them in Holiday folders.
  • Balloon Sculpting elves will inflate merriment with a variety of hats, animals, antlers, and other creations.
  • Face Painting elves will paint wonderful holiday designs on their cheeks while they wait for their time to chat with Santa one-on-one.
Santa and Stretchy
Santa Claus
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Elves, Elves, Elves!
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Stretchy and Holly Berry Teddy Bear Tea at The Ritz
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Frozen Holiday Show

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 11.56.46 AMCheck out our special Frozen Holiday show featuring Princess Anna and Queen Elsa of Arendale as they spread holiday cheer. The girls sing favorites such as “Let It Go” and “Do You Want to Build a Snowman”. The sisters sing, dance, and most importantly, remind us that the greatest gift of all is family.

Call or email us to inquire about a special holiday Frozen event!